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Rouge Tomate is an urban retreat where you can slow down in a warm and energizing atmosphere that emanates from the interior design.

There are four fundamental elements of Rouge Tomate’s design that create a feeling of well-being:

Lighting: Welcoming, friendly and harmonious lighting plays a pivotal role in the Rouge Tomate experience. Our carefully crafted lighting design mirrors the sun’s natural rhythms – clear and bright during the day, soft and intimate in the evening.

Materials: The use of pale wood, ivory leather, cotton, linen, and natural stone pamper the senses, delight the eye, and envelop guests in subtle energy.

Sound: Particular attention has been paid to the acoustic aspects to enhance the mood and vitality of the space while stimulating conversation and fostering a sense of community via a smooth and energizing music experience.

Nature: A strong natural presence conveys a fresh, invigorating and verdant atmosphere, whether through our majestic garden in Brussels, the materials we use, or distilled in the works of art

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