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As restaurateurs, we have the opportunity to address some of the most pressing and critical issues facing society, including global warming, biodiversity crisis, water pollution, and more.

Honoring economic, social and environmental responsibilities, we want to proactively address these issues, from the design of our restaurants to the development of our menus. The results of our continual pursuit to achieve these requirements are evident in three levels:

Design of our restaurants:
  • Creating a rational use of energy through the choice of efficient equipment (ovens, refrigerators, hoods, etc.);
  • Installing systemic air-flow management;
  • Developing intelligent lighting systems;
  • Using flow-reducing taps for better water management;
  • Implementing ecological materials, including certified wood, materials made from recycled or recyclable elements, natural paints, and so forth.
Day-to-day management:
  • Separating waste and, where possible, composting;
  • Choosing detergents that are less harmful to the environment;
  • Using recycled paper or paper from sustainably managed forests.
  • Giving preference to local and seasonal products, including fruit and vegetables grown on farms that respect the environment;
  • Choosing fish depending on their stock and impact on ecosystems;
  • Selecting meat and poultry from farmers that feed their animals mostly with local plants;
  • Highlighting quality wines grown by viticulturists who follow organic or biodynamic principles.

The challenge of following these requirements is significant, but it is a crucial approach that offers us, as restaurateurs, an opportunity to reconcile the enchantment of the senses, mankind’s health, and respect for the planet.

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